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Kids’ Web Portal Usability Enhancement

Project Overview

Being one of the 25 college students chosen nationwide by NAVER for an 11-day
interdisciplinary UX team project, we enhanced the usability of Jr. NAVER. My team
consisted of five members from various academic disciplines.

My team was to enhance NAVER's kids’ web portal usability, the Jr. NAVER.
We found out that Jr. NAVER was lacking in its contents for upper elementary
students. Thus, contents for the previously excluded target group were suggested.


Sub-leader of the team, Presenter


Create UX Process & User Research Methodologies, User Research


Web Review Research, Expert Evaluation, Task Analysis, User Interview


11 Days


Problem Definition & Design Proposal, Web Page Prototyping


Project Goal

Junior NAVER is a kids-only portal site affiliated with the South Korean portal site, NAVER. The project aims to diagnose current issues in Junior NAVER's user experience for its target user base and propose improvements accordingly.


Overall Process

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Define Problem

The current Junior NAVER is...
Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 10.44.18 AM.png

Target user age range is
from toddlers to 14 years old.

Most of Jr. NAVER's contents are designed for toddlers or young children. Contents provided are cartoon videos, education programs, or simple games.

This is a space where elementary
school children under the age of
14 can ask and answer questions.
They usually ask questions
regarding friendship, school life,
or homework.

Young children under the age of 14 often click Jr. NAVER Q&A section to ask or read answers based on their various interests. 

However, when they clicked "ask questions," they were automatically redirected to NAVER's Q&A page, which was meant for older teenagers and adults.

These young children that were
forced to move to NAVER's
Q&A page generated a variety
of silly and meaningless
answers to the questions
asked on NAVER Q&A.

We discovered the main cause of NAVER Q&A quality issues that was a huge problem then.

* Jr. NAVER Q&A is a place where users under the age of 14 can ask and answer questions. Only users under the age of 14 can ask questions but anyone can provide answers to them.

Jr. NAVER's contents were more focused on toddlers and lower elementary.

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 12.47 1.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 12.49 1.png

Upper elementary school students had to wander because they belonged to neither Jr. NAVER nor NAVER. None of these platforms offered any content to this age group. With the defect in the system that directed them to NAVER Q&A, they ended up forming a prank culture of creating useless comments on NAVER’s Q& more focused on toddlers and lower elementary.

New contents were proposed such as web magazines and elementary school Q&A for upper elementary school students.



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Differentiation strategy through Q&A
dedicated to elementary schooler

Provide information of interest through children's web magazines

Provide quality answers to questions by a inviting various groups to participate
E.g. teachers, parents, experts, volunteers, etc.


Main page reorganization considering
target user expansion

Link and expose Jr. NAVER Q&A contents to
the main page to trigger children's interest

Encourage children to be potential users of NAVER by introducing the concept of “Little NAVER”

Expected Benefits

Acquire correct information
on Jr. NAVER Q&A and form
positive online culture

Introduce the new influencers of the clean online etiquettes era among upper elementary

Strengthen differentiation strategy by introducing elementary-age contents

Preoccupy the culture market for elementary school-aged children



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*Due to confidentiality reasons and the prohibition of external disclosure, the included small images are
for reference purposes.

Q&A section for elementary school students:
If elementary school students ask questions, not only their peers but also experts will provide answers. (Similar concept to Yahoo's Answer and Quora)

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