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About the Project

MELO, a platform born out of a design project, seeks to bridge this gap by providing indie musicians with a global stage to showcase their diverse music, connect with fans worldwide, and foster intimate communication spaces with their audience.


Product Design


4 Weeks (2022)


Figma, Illustrator


Literature Research, User Interviews,
UI Design & Prototyping 



In today's music industry, major agencies hold significant sway, providing artists with structured album releases, promotional strategies, and fan interactions. However, independent musicians often struggle to broaden their audience and organize their music and schedules effectively, grappling with platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

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Challenges Facing Independent Musicians
in the Music Industry Today

The music industry faces challenges such as an overreliance on big entertainment companies, limited opportunities for unknown artists, and the commercialization of music. These issues can stifle creative freedom, limit diversity, and prioritize commercial success over artistic expression.

1. Commercialized Mainstream vs. Independent Exposure

The current music industry predominantly showcases "commercialized" artists affiliated with major corporations, making it challenging for independent artists to gain exposure.

2. Struggle for Artistic Authenticity

Music that reflects an artist's style and creativity often struggles to reach a wider audience, leading many talented musicians to fade into obscurity.

3. Lack of Dedicated Communication Platforms for Indies

While artists signed to major labels have access to platforms facilitating direct communication with fans, independent musicians must manage multiple social channels like personal YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, facing limitations in reach and engagement.

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The challenges of indie musicians.
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promotion and exposure
Many talented musicians and their music go unnoticed and disappear without the opportunity to showcase their work in the commercial market.
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finding opportunities to perform
Lack of suitable platforms to promote the music without the support of major labels or industry connections.
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communicating with fans
Independent musicians often do not have the same direct communication channels with fans.
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Eden Rain (28)

Guitarist for indie bands and solo artist with 3+ album releases


I want to expand our music to a wider audience. I aim to have more interactive communication with our fans both online and offline.


I'd love to have all our band's albums, live performance videos, and fan-contributed content in one place. Also, I want to interact more actively with fans and give back with great music, but our communication efforts often end up being short-lived.

The challenges of indie music lovers.
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Challenges in discovering new music and artists.
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Limited access to live performances anytime, anywhere.
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Gap between fans and musicians in communication and engagement.
Discovering new favorite music is challenging. Despite having preferred genres, I often find myself listening to the same music repeatedly.
Accessing real-time updates on live performances of indie artists or music I enjoy online is difficult. It's hard to find information about live concerts of my favorite artists.
As a fan, I desire communication, but existing social platforms often feel limited or overwhelming.
USER PERSONA - Indie Music Lover
Image by Wesley Tingey

Amy (22)

A Music Lover who enjoys various genres and has a passion for music


I want to explore my favorite music genres, performances, and more at any time, 24/7, without being limited by time or space constraints.

I want to become a fan of inspiring artists, support their work, and have the opportunity to communicate with them.

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Existing Limitations of Traditional Social Media Platforms for Indie Musicians:

Lack of Intimacy: The platforms often feel too public, lacking the intimate atmosphere necessary to foster closeness between artists and fans.

Distraction from Music Focus: They frequently present unrelated content, detracting from the music-centric experience that indie musicians and their fans seek.

The Need for Dedicated Fan-Centric Features Across Social Media Platforms for Indie Musicians


What is MELO?

MELO is an integrated music platform where individual musicians or bands of various genres can share their creations.

  • View artist profiles

  • Follow artists

  • Access past music and performances

  • Receive alerts for upcoming performances or new song releases

  • Chat with fan groups

  • Like content

  • Give starts to support (donate) to artists

Low Fidelity UI


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2. 4. MY ARTISTS > MY ARTIST 1 > FEED>Subscribe only

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MELO HOME: Experience Live Performance 24/7

At MELO, we bring you live music and performances from around the globe in real-time:

  • Immerse yourself in live indie performances anytime, anywhere.

  • Indie music enthusiasts can enjoy a diverse range of global music and performances at their convenience.

  • Easily access and enjoy recent videos of your favorite artists added to your "My Artist" list.

My Artist Fan Page 

Your Artist's Hub

Access all performances, albums, videos, schedules, and news of the artists you've added to "My Artist" in one place:

  • Feed: Stay updated with the latest videos of your favorite artists.

  • Melo+ Subscription: Subscribe to Melo+ and gain access to all paid performances of your favorite artists, including real-time shows.

Support for musicians with the 'Send Star' feature

  • Star Support Feature: Show your support by selecting the number of stars, providing invaluable encouragement to musicians who love making music.

Stay Informed, Stay Tuned

View the schedules of musicians and set alarms to receive notifications for live performances or important events.

  • Schedule: View the schedules of musicians and set alarms to receive notifications for live performances or important events.

  • Cheer: Connect with Your Favorite Artists Leave words of encouragement for musicians in the Cheer section, fostering communication and connection between artists and fans.

Benefits for Users

For Indie Musicians


  • Indie musicians have the opportunity to showcase their music and performances to a broader audience without constraints of time or location.

  • They can establish a fan base, engage more seamlessly, and cultivate their fandom.

For Indie Music Lovers


  • Music enthusiasts can discover new artists and enjoy their favorite genres anytime, anywhere.

  • They can engage with their favorite artists and have more enjoyable moments with fellow fans.

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